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Represents a single protocol field. If this field is a record or a group field then this field contains other nested fields (called subfields).


NameStringReadThe name of the field. This is usually the full name of the field
Value String Read The value of the field as a string. Most scripting language support dynamically converting strings to numbers if you want to work with integer field values.
SizeBitsLong Read The size of the field in bits .
OffsetBits Long Read The offset of the field (in bits) starting from the beginning of this layer.
FieldID Long Read Each field is assigned a unique ID by the plugin developer. You may find this ID useful if you are a plugin developer.
HelpIDLongReadA help ID is assigned to each field. This provides bubble help for each field.
SubFieldCountLong Read The number of sub-fields contained in this field. Some fields such as Flags, Records, Sequences may contain other fields. The SubFieldCount property returns the number of immediate subfields. If the SubFieldCount is 0, you can be sure that this is a simple field and does not contain any sub-fields.
SubFields Collection Read If this field has subfields, this collection object contains a list of such sub fields. Each object in the collection is again a Field object
RawDataString Read A hex dump of this fields data. You can use this to format your own field values


FindFieldFieldName(String)Find a sub field. The field name must be as it appears in Unsniff. This method returns the first field that matches the name.All sub fields are searched for a match.
Set IpSrc = iplayer.FindField(“Src Address”) 

This method also allows you to specifically search fields within records using a special notation. Notation: “>Group 1>Sub Group2> MyField”.There is no limit on the number of groups that can be nested this way. When you use this notation, FindField will search “Group 1” for a field named “Sub Group2”, then search “Sub Group 2” for a field named “MyField”. Use this method to disambiguate duplicate field names or to cut down on exhaustive searches.

Set Fbit = iax.FindField(“>FULL FRAME>Source  Call Number>F”) 
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