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About Unbrowse SNMP Scripting

Click here for the Unbrowse Scripting Reference Guide

Unbrowse SNMP has excellent out of the box support for various SNMP operations such as MIB Browsing,  MIB Compiler, Trap Receiver, and SNMPv3 User Management.  While all this is good, if you are a power user of SNMP, then you will want a little extra control. Unbrowse SNMP allows you to write simple scripts in a language such as VBScript or Ruby that allows you to minutely control various SNMP operations.

What can be scripted ?

You can script the SNMP Trap Receiver, MIB Browser, MIB Compiler, MIB Walker, the Agents database, and the MIB  Repository contents. The scripting interface uses common Microsoft Windows technology, so you can write scripts in VBScript, Ruby, and almost any Windows compatible scripting languages (eg, PerlScript).

Sample Applications

Here is a small list of interesting things you can do with this interface.

1. Write scripts to pull out data from SNMP tables and store it offline
2. Automate MIB Browsing
3. Write scripts to automate SNMP SET operations
4. Automate the SNMP Trap Receiver
5. Passively listen to SNMP Traps and store them to a database such as MySQL
6. Automatically compile SNMP MIBs and add them to Unbrowse
7. Add SNMP agents to Unbrowse from a flat file such as CiscoWorks DCR export
8. Convert OID to Names and vice versa
9. Many other applications (add trap profiles, trap filters, start multiple trap receivers)