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Write powerful tailor-made scripts

  • Use the Ruby scripting language
  • Batch process capture files
  • Perform complex analysis
  • Create GUIs using Fox-Ruby
  • Integrate scripts into Unsniff
  • Also supports VBScript, JScript
Ruby and VBScript

Start Scripting

Announcing a new Wiki


Scripting documentation, samples, tutorials have now moved to a new WIKI



Older resources

Script LibraryUnsniff Script Library
A free collection of network analysis scripts.
DevguideUnsniff Scripting

28 pages, PDF, v1.1
The definitive guide to scripting Unsniff Network Analyzer
Tutorials Tutorials
Step by Step examples to help you get started with scripting.




Beginner : Your first script
This is a step-by-step tutorial that introduces you to Unsniff Scripting. You will write a
simple script that prints the description of all the packets in a capture file. This tutorial
features code in Ruby and VBScript.

About integrated scripts
Integrated scripts allow you to attach your scripts to various user interface items in Unsniff. This enables you to write interactive scripts that merge seamlessly with the Unsniff user interface. This article explains how integrated scripts work.

Beginner : You first integrated script
A step-by-step tutorial to help you write your first integrated script. Write a script to print out the description of selected packets to the script console. Learn how to access the selection contexts, install integrated scripts, and to work with the script console

Intermediate: Startup Scripting
Find out how you can write scripts that are automatically executed upon application startup. You can use startup scripts to automate various tasks in Unsniff. Some examples are : Automatically start a capture with a specified capture filter, automatically importing a file from libpcap format and much more.