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Streams Sheet
Unsniff features full stream analysis. Analysis entire TCP/IP sessions as a single high level entity.
TCP Streams
Layout Design Mode
Fully customize the visual packet display
Layout Design
User Objects Sheet
Unsniff can extract high-level "objects of  interest" from the network in real-time. Here you can see an entire HTML page that was accessed including inline images, flash, and stylesheets
User Objects Sheet
TCP Ladder Diagram
Look at TCP sessions in depth
TCP Ladder Diagram
Display Filter Wizard
Create powerful display filters in a snap
Display Filter Wizard
Access Points
Customize how protocols interact with each other
Access Point Manager
Statistics Sheets
Single window that displays all important traffic stats including protocol heirarchy, top-n conversations, and bandwidth
Statistics Sheet
Top-N conversations panel
Monitor top Ethernet, IP, IPv6 layers conversations in real time. Also view historical top conversations
Statistics Top Conversations
Japanese screenshot
Unsniff can be easily translated into other languages.
 Visual Breakout Popup Menu