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Do you work with SNMP enabled devices or management applications ? If yes - Unbrowse SNMP will make your life easier at every step. Compile cryptic MIB files into an easy GUI view, retrieve and set MIB variables on devices, import snmpwalk dumps, receive traps, chart counters, and much more. Unbrowse is trusted by hundreds of leading network equipment vendors around the world. Download your copy today.

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Trap Console Remote Access

Remotely accessing the Unbrowse SNMP Trap Console

A few of our users have deployed Unbrowse SNMP hanging off a network tap. These taps are strategically located in front of network management stations so that all traps can be collected by Unbrowse SNMP with almost no effort. A problem is that now you need to make a trip to the data center to check out the trap console. A remote access capability has been lacking for a while now.

Starting from Release 1.5.1, you can log in to Unbrowse SNMP via a standard web browser and view the SNMP traps. Multiple users in your organization can view traps simultaneously from a single Unbrowse SNMP instance. 

This article explains how to get this working.

Step 1: Enable this feature

This remote access functionality is possible due to a built in special purpose webserver. This is disabled by default. To enable it:
1. Go to Tools->Customize
2. Go to the Advanced tab
3. In the Miscellaneous section,  scroll down and locate the Trap Console group
4. Select the "Enable Remote HTTP Access" option

Step 2: Run the trap console as usual

You can load an existing trap database or capture live traps. Nothing special to be done here.

Step 3: Access remotely

The webserver listens on port 12801 by default. Point your webbrowser to http://a.b.c.d:12801 and you will get a list of current traps (latest one first)


Advanced options

See the FAQ for more information on
  • How can I change the HTTP port of the Trap Console ?
  • How can I change the stylesheet without any effort ?

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