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Do you work with SNMP enabled devices or management applications ? If yes - Unbrowse SNMP will make your life easier at every step. Compile cryptic MIB files into an easy GUI view, retrieve and set MIB variables on devices, import snmpwalk dumps, receive traps, chart counters, and much more. Unbrowse is trusted by hundreds of leading network equipment vendors around the world. Download your copy today.

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Unbrowse SNMP Scripting Samples updated

We just updated the Unbrowse SNMP Scripting section.


  • Newly documented the SNMP utilities object  (See here)
  • Added all samples into one page (here)
  • Added new samples (Ruby/VBScript) showing how to poll for OIDs (see snpoll.rb and snpoll.vbs)
  • Added new sample showing usage of BufferedDatabase to enable long running trap receiver (see t2sql_buffer.vbs

Enjoy !

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