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Do you work with SNMP enabled devices or management applications ? If yes - Unbrowse SNMP will make your life easier at every step. Compile cryptic MIB files into an easy GUI view, retrieve and set MIB variables on devices, import snmpwalk dumps, receive traps, chart counters, and much more. Unbrowse is trusted by hundreds of leading network equipment vendors around the world. Download your copy today.

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Unbrowse SNMP maintenance release 1284

Please download the latest maintenance release of Unbrowse SNMP (R.


Issues fixed in this release 


SNMP Trap Receiver fixes

  • Not receiving traps on ports other than UDP 162 by default.  You had to explicitly allow other ports using a filter. The new behavior is :
    • With Winpcap and Raw Sockets provider : Tries to decode ALL udp messages as SNMP trap using an advanced ASN.1 heuristic.
    • With Normal UDP Ports : Decodes ALL traps on the specified port
  • A new option to specify UDP port via the configuration interface. (Use Tools + Customize + Advanced + Trap Console + "SNMP Trap UDP Port") 
  • Better error reporting when permissions error happen on Vista versions

MIB Compiler fixes

  • IEEE mibs such as IEEE8021-Q-BRIDGE-MIB under the OID branch ( = . ) compiled fine but failed to create MyMibs. Now this issue has been fixed.


  •  Did you know you can completely script the Trap Receiver using Ruby ? You get all the performance of a trap receiver written in C++ with the flexibility of Ruby. There is a complete ruby sample available that uses the trap receiver to get traps from the network and store them in a MySQL database. Check it out !

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